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Gatineau has all the assets it needs to become an international training centre. More than 100,000 new pilots will be required by 2030, just to offset retirements. This training hub is an important niche in pilot training that will ensure the sustainability of the Gatineau Airport. The following flight schools are grouped within the airport:

Aéroclub Gatineau Ottawa

Aéroclub Gatineau Inc. is a flight school certified by Transport Canada. It offers theoretical and practical training on a two-seater Cessna 150 that leads to a commercial pilot’s licence.

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International Flying Academy

The International Flying Academy is one of the best flight training schools in Canada. It offers theoretical and practical training on a two-seat Cessna 150 leading to a commercial pilot license.

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Select Aviation College

Select Aviation College is one of the only aviation colleges in the world to offer all aviation career options.

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