Services > Fixed Based Operations (FBO)

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST
Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST

To contact FBO staff::  (mobile) 819.598.8407 or 819.663.0737 ext. 5

For any emergencies outside business hours, please contact Ken McGrath, Director of operations at 819.665.7024, or Gaston Cloutier, Director General, at 819.743.8883.

Ground Services

  • Fuel available:
  • 100 LL
  • JetA1 (AIA)
  • Oils and lubricants available:
    • 15w50, 20w50M, 20w50 X/C, Mineral 100, w100, w120, w100+
    • 20w50 anti-rust
  • De-icing (type1) and anti-icing (type IV) fluids 
  • G.P.U
  • Motor heater
  • Aircraft towing

Aircraft Maintenance

Certified mechanics from the following company can do minor repairs on aircraft.

Blais Aéronautique:  819.592.AERO

Services > For passengers


Air Liaison

Air Liaison offers two return flight from Monday to Friday between Gatineau and Quebec City.

For more information or to book your flight, please call 1 888 589-8972 or visit their website at www.airliaison.ca.

Charter flights coordination service

The Outaouais, a charter flight will bring you rapidly in this Region!  Whether for small or large groups, on vacation or on business, a charter flight offers great flexibility while saving time and money.  The Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport offers a personalized charter flight coordination service.  For more information, please contact Gaston Cloutier, Director General of the Gatineau Airport at 819-743-8883.   

Gatineau Airport now offers customs services

The Gatineau Airport now offers customs services "Airport of Entry (AOE)/15".  Aircraft with 15 passengers or less arriving from a foreign country will now be able to clear customs at the Gatineau Airport.  This service is offered at no cost to aircraft owners or the airport as the Canadian Border and Services Agency is absorbing the cost.

From now one, visitors from foreign countries will find it much more easier to take advantage of other services available at the Gatineau Airport and what the Region has to offer.

Food Services

L'Aviateur restaurant welcomes air travelers and visitors alike with delicious home-made breakfasts and lunches. The dining room offers a seating area where 80 guests can enjoy a friendly atmosphere and a spectacular view of the runway. The restaurant holds an alcohol permit.

For more information, please call 819.663.5487.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST and also Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST.

Catering Services and Take-out Orders

For take-out orders as well as catering services , please call 819.663.5487.

Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)

Nowadays, people have busy lives and cannot afford to waste time. Not a problem! Free wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) is available  within the terminal.


Airport users have access to a free, secure and well-lit parking area, which saves time and makes for  a relaxed travel experience.

Ground Transportation

Taxis, car rental and limousine services.

Services > For aircraft owners

Aircraft Space Rental

The airport owns three hangars which are available for aircraft storage. The indoor temperature is kept at 15°C during winter time, and rental includes aircraft handling by qualified employees.

Hangars Dimensions:

5,486.40 square meters (18,000 square foot)
4,876.80 square meters (16,000 square foot) 
1,219.20 square meters (4,000 square foot)

Outdoor aircraft parking spaces are also available, some of which are equipped with electrical outlets.

For more information on aircraft storage and parking space rentals, please contact Ken McGrath, Director of operations:819.663.0737 ext. 2 or by email at ken.mcgrath@gatineauairoport.com


NAV CANADA's mandate is to provide safe, effective and efficient air navigation services to aircraft operating in Canadian domestic airspace and in international airspace assigned to Canadian control. The corporation provides a variety of services at the airport:

Flight Service Station (FSS)

An FSS  is available at the airport.
Hours of operations are daily, between 6:30a.m. and 9:15 p.m. EST.
Outside  hours of operations, the airport becomes an aerodrome traffic frequency (ATF) area.

Flight Information Centre (FIC)

A portable computer, located in the terminal building, provides free access to weather briefing and flight planning services.
For more information, please visit the Corporation website: www.navcanada.ca

Services > Rental

Car Rental

The Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport helps simplify your ground transportation needs  by having two car rental companies do business on location. Early reservation is required in order to secure  the requested vehicle.

Enterprise:  http://www.enterpriserentacar.ca/car_rental/deeplinkmap.do?bid=009&cnty=ca&language=en

Hertz 819.770.7500

Conference Room Reservation

The Executive Gatineau-Ottawa Airport offers one conference room for your meetings:

  • The multimedia executive conference room has the latest audio-visual equipments (3M projector, audio-conferencing system), and can accommodate up to 12 people.

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Jasmin Cyr, Airport Administration:

Telephone: 819.663.0737 ext. 3
Email: jasmin.cyr@gatineauairport.com

Services > Airport Fees

To view the current airport fees, please click here.